Intermodal News: Making Headlines This Year (2023)

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This news thread was last updated on August 29th, 2023

The year 2021/22 has been a big one for Intermodal news. The intermodal industry has seen unprecedented change and innovation this past year, with many companies and organizations making headlines for their initiatives and accomplishments. 

From shipping container shortages to the cargo ship that broke international trade, there’s no denying that we’re living in an exciting time for intermodal news!

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Intermodal News and Updates Impacting Your Business and the Intermodal Industry Today. Broadens Its Range of Services to Include Intermodal Transport Between Canada and Mexico., a prominent intermodal transport provider in Canada, is broadening its services to include Canada-Mexico intermodal transport. This development enables customers to access North American markets more efficiently and affordably.

For more details about the new service with access to Laredo, TX, click here.

High Frequency Rail: A Game Changer for Canadian Travel and Economic Growth

Canada’s largest infrastructure project, the High-Frequency Rail (HFR), is progressing steadily with the selection of three groups for the Request for Proposals stage. This ambitious project aims to transform Canadian travel and transport, offering faster, greener, and more flexible travel options. Will this enhance Canada’s economic growth and strengthen its Indigenous relations?

Find out more here. Broadens its Container Services is raising the bar in intermodal transportation by expanding its container offerings. Now, customers can avail refrigerated, heated, and temperature-controlled shipping containers on all Canadian domestic routes. Ideal for a variety of goods, these containers ensure safe and efficient transport across Canada.

Read more here.

Major Investment in Winnipeg Rail Park to Boost North American Trade Connectivity

The Canadian government plans to invest C$18m (US$13.07m) in developing a new rail park in Winnipeg. This rail park, located near Winnipeg’s CentrePort, aims to streamline cargo transfers between rail, truck, and air. With its strategic location and foreign trade zone status, it will enhance connectivity with the US and Mexico, potentially boosting the flow of goods.

Click here to read more.

A Deep Dive into Canada’s Supply Chain Challenges: Q1 2023 Analysis

StatCan aims to shed light on the intricate issues Canada’s industries have been grappling with in the early part of 2023. From geopolitical conflicts, inflationary pressures, and climate change events, to other unforeseen challenges, the analysis of supply chain challenges and conditions in Canada explores how these factors have influenced and disrupted supply chain operations and speaks about what the future may hold.

Read the full report here.

CN Rail Steps Up: Launch of New Continental Shipping Service to Rival Competitors

In a strategic move to compete with its competitor’s extensive network, CN Rail has launched a new continent-spanning shipping service. This initiative is seen as a response to CP Rail’s recent merger with Kansas City Southern.

The Canadian National Railway Co. unveiled a fresh North American container shipping service earlier this week, bolstering its financial outlook for the year following record-breaking revenues in the first quarter. An exceptional grain crop yield and rising oil prices drove these earnings.

Read the full post here

What will matter in intermodal growth for 2023?

RailGateway has analyzed the latest data to bring you its annual report of the top intermodal transportation trends that will matter in intermodal growth for 2023.

Read the full intermodal trend report here. Talks Intermodal Rail Transport in Canada

In a recent blog post, discusses how businesses can benefit from using intermodal rail transport to move goods during a recession. The post includes statistics and examples that illustrate how choosing this mode of transportation can save companies time and money. RailGateway also offers its opinion on why this is the best supply chain strategy for businesses in Canada who qualify.

Let’s talk about a recession

According to Forbes magazine, inflation and recession are different but are definitely connected. But will a recession and inflation affect the supply chain? Read the full post here.

Best case scenario for the rail service industry

Some analysts are calling the potential recession a ‘best-case’ scenario for the recovery of intermodal rail service.

Canadians banking on less in Q4

In Canada, entrepreneurs are banking on disappointment, stating that Canadians will NOT buy Canadian during a recession.

Is the Intermodal Transportation Industry Ready for a Green Revolution?

The transport sector is a large contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, with road transport having the largest share. Regulations and government actions to strengthen the implementation of green solutions in this sector are needed to reduce these emissions and help fight climate change.
Intermodal News EU reports.

Supply Chain Challenges 2022

Brexit, COVID-19, omicron – the world of freight shipping has seen its fair share of headaches these past two years. So what is going to affect global supply chains in 2022?
Read the full story at The Conversation.

The first intermodal freight train via the Caspian Sea to Iran.

Northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region debuted the first sea-rail intermodal freight train to Iran. Traveling over 8,500 KMS, the train will cross the Caspian Sea via Kazakhstan before arriving in northern Iran. GlobalTimes

Want a City to Flourish? Invest in Multi-modal Transportation.

Transportation generates more climate-warming greenhouse gases than any other industry in the United States. To reduce emissions by 50-52% by 2030 – the key is multi-modal transportation.

Russia- Ukraine war, freight rates on the rise.

Russian forces close off shipping routes, and limited air capacity will impact intermodal shipping through Europe. CNBC reports here.

The Ukraine/ Russia War shocks ripple across one of the world’s busiest trade lanes.

From London to Warsaw, importers will soon face higher shipping costs, longer delays, and sanctions in the movement of cargo between Europe and Asia. The Economic Times has its full story here.

Canada to help fund rail and port terminal expansion projects in New Brunswick

The Canadian government pledges CA$42 million to two initiatives in Saint John, New Brunswick, and McAdam, New Brunswick, that will boost supply chain efficiency for Canadian shippers.
The full story is here.

Mullen Group Ltd. Announces Multi-Year Intermodal Agreement with Canadian National Railway and APPS Transport

APPS Cartage Inc. and APPS Cargo Terminals Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mullen Group Ltd, announced that they have signed a multi-year contract with CN (TSX:CNR) (NYSE:CNI), the railway, to continue providing intermodal services to APPS Transport.
More on the announcement here.

The Montreal Port Authority and Canadian National reach an agreement in principle to develop the rail component of the Port of Montreal’s Contrecœur expansion

The MPA and Canadian National Railway (CN) have announced that they have struck a deal to link rail transportation at the new container terminal in Contrecœur. This project will assist in improving the terminal’s efficiency while also ensuring a competitive commercial proposition.
Read the full article here.

intermodal containers stacked on top of one another

Domestic containers

A worldwide supply chain crisis has cut off everything from medical supplies to holiday presents, putting a new spin on shipping containers. Read the full post here.

Intermodal traffic

Railyards clog up as delays continue and port congestion worsens. Read more about it here.

Freight capacity

Prices surge, and intermodal transportation capacity dips. Read what’s making waves about logistics demand here.

Truck drivers shortage

Why limited supply has forced shippers to consider higher than average contract rates instead of spot rates. Reporter Max Garland has the full story here.

Intermodal volume and demand

2021 started strong, but September reports show a decrease in volume per IANA studies. Compare both here.

North American Intermodal news

US and Canada see a continued downward trend in intermodal transportation year over year. Click here for full details.

BNSF Railway headlines

BNSF and Wabtec begin testing in California on a battery-powered locomotive. Read more about it here.

Intermodal logistics beyond 2021

The future of intermodal operations and predictions for the next five years to come in railroad and truckload transport. Full article here.

Norfolk Southern in the news

Crew shortages, poorer service – Norfolk has its fair share of struggles in 2021. Read the full article here.

Supply chains

Writer Edwin Lopez deep dives into five years of supply chain management and the lessons learned along the way. Click here to read more.

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