Our Rail Consulting Services

Looking for advisory services in the rail industry?

RailGateway offers full Rail Consulting Services, bringing you over 100 years of combined extensive experience in the rail industry – unmatched across North America.

Our extensive network provides a single point of contact to develop the most extensive and comprehensive rail program for our clients.

Our team of railroad consultants has the knowledge and insight to work with the railway systems to ensure the success of your rail operations. 

We level the playing field, working in your best interest.  

Our Railway Consulting Services Plans

From freight transport engineering services to project management and planning, from rail sector risk management to cost advisory services, or even from market research to feasibility studies, our railroad consultants use their practical experience to work on any business case with a detailed design and customer service support in order to ensure railway projects’ system safety, efficiency and success.

We offer railroad industry consultancy services in 2 different areas:

business people with white hard hats holding papers and pointing
to person looking at report few cargos behind

Business Plan Development

With a unique approach, our consultants can help you develop a rail business plan project from concept to completion.

Services include:

  • Site Plan
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Marketing Plan
  • Implementation of business plan
  • Site selection and railroad design
  • Assistance in the construction management or expansion of facilities
  • Operational review, team training and consulting surrounding site and tracks  

Rail Negotiation and Consulting

This plan is ideal for organizations that need assistance in strengthening their negotiation position and bottom line in their intermodal rail freight transport strategy.

Services include:

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Railway Operations
  • Dispute resolution ie. demurrage, switching charges, service levels/failures
  • Service design parameters
  • Program set up 
  • Rail car purchase and leasing
  • Rate renewals & contract negotiations

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