Why You Should Consider Intermodal Rail During a Recession

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Many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs. Intermodal rail can be an excellent option for logistics managers looking to save money while still getting their shipments to their destinations on time. Here are some of the reasons why intermodal rail may be the right choice for your business during a recession.

1. What is intermodal rail, and how can it benefit your business during a recession

Intermodal rail offers businesses a cost-effective and flexible way of shipping goods during a recession. With intermodal rail, you can enjoy lower transportation costs, minimizing environmental impact through reduced emissions, lighter-weight mainframe support structures, improved inventory management, and a more streamlined and consistent delivery option––all of which can lead to consistent savings that help your businesses make it through tough economic times.

At RailGateway, we offer the best rail freight rates in Canada both domestically and across the border into the US via the Mississippi corridor railway. Request a quote to see if you qualify for our CN intermodal rail freight rates or our CP rail shipping rate discounts.

By shifting 25% of truck cargo over a span of 750 miles (1200 km) to rail transportation, we could save up to 1.2 billion gallons worth of fuel yearly and drastically reduce emissions by 13.1 million tons–the equivalent greenhouse gas output from millions of cars taken off the road*

*One tonne of carbon emissions equivalent to driving 23,000 miles

2. How intermodal rail can help save your company money

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, finding cost-effective yet efficient methods of transport is essential to success. Intermodal rail is one such option that could provide significant savings for your business.

This method of transportation combines the low cost of intermodal rail and the quickness and convenience of short-haul trucking. With intermodal rail, your business can access more cities across Canada than with traditional trucking, opening up new markets and expanding your consumer reach. Whether it be for dry materials or finished products, using intermodal rail could prove instrumental in helping you cut costs and take advantage of new domestic opportunities.

A single intermodal train can carry the equivelent load of 280 trucks.

US Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA)

3. Why now is the best time to consider switching to intermodal rail

With intermodal rail, you can lock in steady, consistent freight rates and keep costs low. Rail shipping also allows for quick and reliable delivery across many intermodal hubs located throughout North America, making intermodal rail a prime choice when it comes to cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Should you choose to make the switch to intermodal rail shipping as a method of transport, you could qualify for discounts that will further reduce overhead costs. To find out if you qualify, request your rail freight quote today and see how intermodal rail can successfully fit into your product shipping strategy.

RailGateway CEO Francine Goulet said, “If you’re a shipper who wants to cut transport costs, intermodal rail is a great recession-proof option. Through our own 40+ years of experience, we’ve seen the benefits that this mode of transportation can provide businesses; it opens up new markets while also reducing environmental impact. The latter two factors save companies time and money in the long term.”

At RailGateway.ca, we aim to provide our customers with access to reliable and cost-effective rail shipping services so you can confidently manage your supply chain even during tough economic times. Request your intermodal rail quote and see how RailGateway’s rail shipping solutions could benefit your business.


“Why Businesses Should Consider Intermodal Rail During a Recession”
Francine Goulet, CEO, RailGateway.ca

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