Latest Guide to Intermodal Container Stats : 2024 Edition!

Intermodal Container Stacks with stats

This post was last updated on July, 12th 2024 In the past ten years, the global container shipping industry has undergone significant changes. This is due to a number of factors, including advancements in technology, new trade patterns around the world, and the ever-changing needs of consumers. Container shipping is essential for international trade, as […]

Intermodal vs Truckload Shipments: Choosing the Right Delivery For Your Cargo

Intermodal Containers and Trucks at a shipping yard

This post was last updated on May 17th, 2022 Whether you need to ship loose materials across the county or send a couple of pallets from Montreal to Edmonton’s intermodal terminal, rail, and truckload shipping are the two primary methods for moving goods. But it’s important not to use one method or the other as […]

Intermodal Cross Border Shipping US to Canada

Canada and US Flags folded next to each other

Cross-border shipping between the United States and Canada is a vital part of the North American economy. Every day, millions of dollars worth of goods and materials flow across the border by land, air, and sea. To ensure that this trade can move smoothly and efficiently, it is essential to work with reputable cross-border shipping […]

16 Common Intermodal Accessorial Charges All Shippers Should Be Aware Of

Intermodal Accessorial Charges and Fees in Wooden Blocks

This post was last updated on January 16th, 2023 Every month, we ship thousands of shipments with our rail partners across Canada and cross border into the US with all types of goods – from food to clothing, electronics, and machinery. That means we know the details of intermodal rail transportation and how important it […]

Transloading Vs. Intermodal Shipping: What is the Difference?

transloading: business man standing in empty container that has been transloaded

This post was last updated on October 2nd, 2023 Shipping has changed quite a bit in the last few years. It’s no longer just about moving products from one place to another; transport has evolved into an entirely new realm of complexity. In this post, we will discuss the handling of the merchandise when it […]

Intermodal Contracts for Beginners

Person holding intermodal contract while client holds the paper

When you think about freight transportation, two terms come into mind; intermodal and multimodal transportation. Both transport methods involve moving your shipment from the origin to the destination using several methods in between. These transportation methods can include rail, ship, barge, truck, or a combination of transport carriers. And can also mean different carriers were […]

CN Intermodal Preferred Partner

CN Intermodal Train

Get the Best Intermodal Transportation Rail Freight Rates in Canada with RailGateway 40+ Years of Experience Providing Quality Intermodal Services RailGateway is the preferred partner of CN Intermodal and Canada’s number one leading intermodal service provider. With over 40 years of experience, RailGateway has the lowest intermodal transportation rail freight rates in Canada for full-load […]

Get Ready for Rail Shipping in Canada: 5 Steps

rail shipping canada railroad engineer with clip board preparing for departure

This post was last updated on October 2nd, 2023 Canadian businesses are about to be hit with a new and exciting change: rail carrier shipping. An increasingly popular it’s a more efficient and cost-effective way to ship goods than traditional methods.  As the demand grows, you should make some important considerations before jumping into the […]

Shipping in Canada

cargo shipping in Canada

The Canadian shipping industry is integral to the nation’s economy and global connectedness. As the second largest country by total area, shipping through Canada’s ports, rivers, and lakes is vital for transporting goods within Canada and international trade.  Canadian freight carriers have adapted to challenges through innovative technologies, infrastructure, and fleet modernization. However, congestion, high […]